Who can access my playlist?

Rucha Joshi

Last Update 2 jaar geleden

If you create a playlist on Listener, only you will be able to access the playlist.

You can share the playlist with other members in the following ways -

1) Collaborator Access

You can add collaborators to invite editors in your organisation and give them edit access. 

They can perform the following actions on your playlist:

  • Edit your playlist title and description
  • Add a highlight to your playlist
  • Remove a highlight from your playlist.
  • Add highlights from your playlist to another playlist
  • Share your Playlist
  • Add / remove the playlist from a project

2) View-only access for project members

You can add the playlist to a project and it will be accessible to everyone who is member of the project. They will be able to only view the playlist.

3) Sharing the playlist with non-organisation members

You can share the link of your playlist, with people outside your Listener organisation via 'get link'. Your guests will be able to view and play the content of the playlist and not edit it.

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