What are meetings?

Rucha Joshi

Last Update 3 年前

Meetings are your Zoom call recording or videos manually uploaded by you on Listener. All meetings with audio are transcribed by Listener and you may create and edit your video highlights using just the transcript.

Bring your Zoom meetings to Listener.

You can bring your Zoom meetings to Listener by recording on cloud or manually uploading a video recording of a previous meeting.

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Who can access my meetings on Listener?

We are mindful that all your recorded meetings on Listener may not be for the entire team to see. Hence, when you host any meetings on Listener, it will remain in Uncategorised by default. That is, it won't be a part of any project and only you and the collaborators (if any) will have access to the meeting. You can share the meeting or highlights via get link, if you don’t want to add it to a project right away.

Once you add a meeting to a project, it will become accessible to all the members of your organization who are added to the project. They will have view only access until you add them as collaborators to that meeting.

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