What happens if I pause or stop and then restart recording a meeting on Zoom?

Rucha Joshi

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When recording on the Cloud

Pausing and restarting recording

When you pause recording your meeting on Zoom, the live stream to Listener will still continue and you will be able to capture highlight and get the entire video onto Listener after the meeting ends. If you restart the recording there will be no change.

Stopping and restarting recording

Listener considers the meeting to have ended if you stop the recording and you will no longer be able to capture new highlights.

The meeting will not start streaming to Listener again when you restart the recording and you will not be able to take any new highlights. You will have to end the meeting and start recording it again to capture highlights.

Please note: Stop, Pausing and Restart recording events are not supported by Listener, the application may not behave as expected in these cases.

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